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Brick Cleaning

Brick Cleaning a property can add value to a property and make it stand out from the rest of the street.

We use a system of disc cleaning, starting with a abrasive course disc and then gradually reducing it and ending with a fine polishing disc.

The benefits of disc cleaning compared with sand blasting is that it is a far more accurate method with more control when removing layers of dirt especially on soft bricks which can be easily damaged.

This imposing Victorian terraced house in Margate was sympathetically restored to it original state by being brick cleaned by the disc cleaning method and then repointed in lime mortar to a colour specification chosen by the owners.

The result, I'm sure you will agree, is amazing.







Some more examples of brick cleaning

This Victorian semi-detached house in Margate was brick cleaned revealing the beautiful colour of the bricks. It was then repointed in lime mortar.


This imposing semi-detached house in Birchington was brought back to life by brick cleaned before being repointed in lime mortar.

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